SPARE in Kazakhstan

SPARE in Kazakhstan

Raising  public awareness through projecting  attention to the global environmental issues is one of the  successful activities  of SPARE Program in Kazakhstan.  The program for its 15-year lifetime has celebrated more than 1000 events on various environmental occasion.

SPARE Program regularly conducts trainings on the teaching methodology for school teachers on the thematic issues: energy savings, energy efficiency and climate change.

Number of cognitive and educational materials have been developed within the SPARE Program. These  textbooks and workbooks on energy saving and energy efficiency are intensively used by public schools as an additional educational materials to the natural sciences’ subjects: Geography, Chemistry Physics and, also are used for afterschool educational programs in environmental circles at the schools.

Energy Brigades as a SPARE program proponents started master classes in energy efficiency technologies for peers from other public schools and, also for various social segments of  local communities.

Energy Brigades moved to another stage of activities and in 2015 managed to have involved 6 public schools in the pilot program  “Environmentally Friendly Schools”  within of which school students conduct energy audit on the energy consumption of the school premises and are working on the energy efficiency plan.

SPARE Program in close cooperation with regional partners started trainings for various social segments of local communities.        

SPARE schools started to use their school premises for various events to raise public awareness on energy efficiency and saving issues.  One of the popular events among others is school students contest “My energy efficiency school”.      

“SPARE Invites Friends” a regional meetings have become largely popular  among  local population of various regions.  These regional meetings are organized by active schools of the Program to have involved more schools and other educational organizations in the program.

More and more schools and other public organizations are joined SPARE Program to celebrate International Energy Day.

SPARE team bring together not only public schools but also kindergartens and scientific-research and public organizations those who take an active role in research and piloting through various programs  and practical activities on the environmental issues and education,  at present more than 100 various educational organizations are members of the Program .